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How many First Aiders should I have?

(The table below is for guidance purposes only)

Category of risk
Numbers of employed
at any location
Suggested number of First Aid personnel

Eg shops, offices,Libraries

Fewer than 50At least oneappointed person
Eg light engineering
work, Food processing, Warehousing
Fewer than 20


More than 100
At least one appointed person

At least one First Aider for every 50 employed (or part thereof)

One additional First Aider for Every 100 employed

Eg most constructionSlaughterhouses, Chemical manufacturer Extensive
work with Dangerous
machineryOr sharp
Fewer than 5


More than 50

Where there are hazards forwhich additional first aid skills are necessary
At least one appointed person

At least one First Aider

One additional First Aider for every 50 employed

In addition, at least oneFirst Aider trained in the specific emergency action

As per the HSE First Aid at Work Approved Code of Practice and Guidance.

Do you have the minimum First Aid Cover?

The information below is intended for general guidance. You may contact the HSE directly at: Health & Safety Executive, Health Policy Division, Magdalen House, Stanley Precinct, Bootle L20 3QZ.

Under the Regulations (Safety at Work Act 1981) many more companies are required to have trained First Aiders on their workforce. The regulations state that it is every employer's duty, even the self employed, to provide a minimum level of First Aid facilities.

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